A new Blog and the answer to: What keeps me up at night?

October 12, 2006

Thanks to the efforts of I.M.Titan we’ve launched a better Blog. Who’d have thought that what we started on a whim several months ago would grow to nearly 50,000 monthly readers? Not me. Thanks “IM” for your tireless work to bring the new look, features and functions to prime-time. Thanks also to Mini Titan and Quality Titan for making it a reality.

In honor of the new blog let me take a moment to remind everyone what we think about here at Decisionmark every day.

First, our vision is to:

Replicate over-the-air broadcasting over-the-web.

Second, our mission is to:

Connect every broadcaster to every viewer.

Why are these things important? Simple: High speed access in homes is becoming as common as running water. Without a means to protect and preserve our nation’s system of free over-the-air television and our network-affiliate distribution system, local stations cannot tap into the web. That is a problem. The good news is it is a problem I saw nearly a decade ago. Our air-to-web broadcast replication technology solves it.

So, what keeps me up at night? That’s easy. I think about making sure local broadcasters can embrace the Internet — not lose out to it…