A Note from a Kindred Spirit We Should All Read

November 28, 2005

I received the following great note via email.  Since it was too long for Carl to post in the comments, I include it here in full.  Carl, thanks for the reminder of where TV has been, and your views of where it is headed. 

Hello CheifTitan, The below Item was to long for your Comment box to send, so I’m sending it to you in hopes you can use somewhere. I agree with a lot on what you state, and l extra agree with you on Computer place is in the mix and a printed tv guide ready at the click of the mouse. My whole Entertainment center had been derived towards the computer for the last 5 years. I can put a HDTV tv set in my computer pci slot for less then $150. Now I say The Computer is where The whole Entertainment center should live. And don’t for get that outside ant.<grin>. I remain,

Carl Coffman

¬†Greetings to all. Got to tell you about my life’s Work: “namely” Your TV servicecall man. When we started out with over the air signals, it was 1952 here in Wichita. The people were so excited, as yet we hadn’t any station, and couldn’t wait but to put up 3 Story ant., just so if the weather was right, they could set up in the living room and Watch Oklahoma City’s station. Now in those times they understood having a great Ant. was the first thing to do to get A Great picture. Even The Radio listeners in those days knew that. So as I worked as a servicecall man, I always knew this to be true too. So I’ve never had cable Payed for viewing, but for a few months one time. I know what happened to make the homeowners stop installing TV. ant. Because They used faulty ways to install, and blamed other things as the source of the bad picture, plus I think a little bit lazy on things to do on their days off time, also.

When late at night as I was Working on the circuit of a black/white tv chassis, and having a lot of trouble finding the problem, I used to say to myself when I got the very best TV pictures on one of the Sets, How actually bad the really picture was. I Dreamed about TV reception that was exactly like a photo. And They sure are here now, in Wichita in Great Grand Hd Style. Six month before I could buy/find a HD tuner I was out setting up a HD Outside Tower so I could get Oklahoma city Too. <smile> And My HDTV signal is better than the cable feed from the cable company. Not every day a great dream like this comes true to a guy and I’m enjoying it. And if ever you have any thoughts on a outside ant., Stop on the outside part in your mind, because you can have the ant almost any place. Use the Attic, next you can use paper clips and turn the ant. to get the best picture, ound and tack it to the top of the room somewhere where it will be out of sight. One Lady had me to install under her bed frame one time. She was on the top deck up a highrise and had a great picture when i tuned it up for her and she said; She had the best picture of anyone in the area.

So long to the old Black/White tv days I say “I’m so glad I had you then, and glad your days are over, and your little Replacement is going a great job.

Bye Carl in Wichita