And then there was major television on TitanTV…really, really, really (did I say, really?) good shows on TitanTV….so point, click and watch

August 22, 2006

Today, all over America, anyone with a high speed connection can watch last night’s premiers of Prison Break and Vanished. Cool. And coming soon you’ll be able to stream, on-demand, Justice and Standoff. Stay tuned… The entertainment world has changed.

Fox network executives decided to test whether putting an episode online the day after it airs would lead to more linear (as it airs) viewing in the future. Smart. TitanTV is extremely proud of the fact that we’ve been selected to help answer that question. But that question raises another question.

How does putting FOX network shows the day after they are on TitanTV impact Decisionmark’s groundbreaking work on bringing network television to the web through the local affiliates?

It only helps it. Believe me you, since the iTunes/ABC announcement last October I’ve hardly been home for three days straight. No one is more committed to protecting the rights of the local broadcast affiliate than me. No one is even close. Our goal, our vision, our mantra, our creed, our promise to local broadcasters remains – all viewers, all devices and all of the time.  

During the FOX test over the next month our TitanCast technology is working behind the scenes to ensure that the local affiliates are participating. Every stream which is served up will PROMOTE the local FOX affiliate which owns the exclusive rights to broadcast to that particular home, or location. In the future that station branding and promotion could just as easily include ads served up from the local affiliates themselves. This test will help us set the stage for that.

I believe that free over-the-air television should remain free and be made available free but over-the-web. To do that you need a technology that ensures you perform an EXACT air-to-web broadcast replication of the public airwaves. Not designated market area, not ZIP Code, not reverse-IP, but exact air-to-web broadcast replication. TitanCast does that. As for the great FOX content? Point, click, watch…and enjoy. I can already tell you that a blog I write in the very near future will be entitled; the more things change the more they stay the same…