As the must-carry debate continues one broadcaster sets sail to simulcast on TitanTV

June 28, 2006

You’ve heard me say it over-and-over (my wife calls it beating a dead horse…): the Internet is global and broadcasting is local. A local broadcaster’s reach, for the most part, is limited to its over-the-air signal or DMA through cable and/or satellite retransmission. Territorial exclusivity means a local ABC affiliate, for example, is assured that they are the only one who can reach viewers with a show like LOST. Yes, even in the brave new world of the Internet, the networks need their local affiliates and the local affiliates need their network. Nothing going to change there…

Back to the Internet is global notion. Anyone disagree? Probably not. In the same way you don’t need a Slingbox to place-shift, why not extend a station’s reach from local to global? Sometime this summer TitanTV will sign up our 1,000,000th member. That’s one million people using TitanTV to point, click and watch. That’s one million people who are one-click away from watching virtually anything over-the-web. So why not get great content from us? No reason not to. In a way, because we bring our TitanTV users together with every television station in America, we’re a network. Starting Saturday we’re going to start using that muscle.

This Saturday, July 1st,  you have three choices: First, you can point, click and watch a cool show called Pepsi Americas’ 2006 Parade of Sail, aka Tall Ships, LIVE from 9 – 11 EDT. will carry the stream/simulcast from WRAL-TV. Second, after it airs, you can point, click and watch it on-demand from TitanTV. Lastly, if you’re not interested in Tall Ships, you can come back to TitanTV often to see what other great content you can get right here in this brave new world of Internet Broadcasting… You can bet this won’t be our last.