Believe it or not, you likely have a million little things to be thankful for. I do

November 27, 2019

Most historians would agree that the first Thanksgiving was in 1621, making this year #398. Think about that for a minute. Thanksgiving has been around for nearly 400 years. It wasn’t always about the feast. In fact, back in the beginning, the feast was preceded by a fast. My how the world has changed…

Like life, how we approach Thanksgiving changes over time

When you’re a kid, Thanksgiving is pretty much just a day off. It’s day 1 of a 4-day weekend and a break from school.

When you’re in college, Thanksgiving is about laundry. You load up your car, you head home, and you get your laundry done. When Sunday comes you head back, likely at the break of dawn.

As young adults, Thanksgiving marks your first dreaded holiday decision. You know the one. You’re a couple now, which means you’re being pulled in at least two directions. Your home? Her home? Both homes? Neither? Decisions.

If you later have kids of your own, you suddenly get a free pass. Thanksgiving is now about staying home. Decisions flip to who to invite. Your parents? Her parents? Both parents? Neither parents? Friends?

Then your kids have kids. They’re building lives of their own now and you simply try to fit in, all the while still thankful for everything that life has brought you.

Take time to think about the good things in your life. You deserve that

To me, Thanksgiving has always about both family and friends. Though I know it to be impossible, I’d like to spend Thanksgiving Day with every person in my life, every member of my family, everyone one of my friends.

A friend recently suggested I watch the show “A Million Little Things.” At the heart of Million is one thing: That while humans are flawed and life is complicated, in the end, no matter what, friends have each other’s backs.

Million teaches us that the label that matters most is friend. Family can be friends. Friends can become family. Those, I’d submit, are the best friends, the best family. Think about it.

You (yes you), likely have a million little things to be thankful for. I know I do

So, this year, on the nearly 400th Thanksgiving Day, I say to my family, my friends, my co-workers and our customers, “Thanks a million.” You mean the world to me and I’ve got your back.

Happy Thanksgiving.