Calling all Stations…to the WEB

February 15, 2006

I have one simple request. Join me. Not when it is too late. Not when IPTV overtakes over-the-air, over-cable and over-satellite as viewers’ preferred means for receiving content. Join me now. TitanCast does but one thing. It makes sure that when you broadcast over-the-web – in real-time or on demand – that your content reaches ONLY those viewers which are yours. TitanCast is the piece which is missing from the recent deals with Apple, Google and Yahoo. Just like we’ve been doing since we worked tirelessly to shape SHVA into SHVIA (now SHVERA), TitanCast brings Networks and Local Television Affiliates BOTH into the mix.

Capitol Broadcasting joined us. Under the direction of CEO Jim Goodmon and with the careful oversight of VP John Greene, we launched Apollo 1. The reaction to the unveiling of TitanCast at WRAL has been overwhelming. Here’s what one fellow blogger had to say:

“Here’s the bottom line.  In the digital medium, the content should be syndicated as broadly as possible.  If iTunes wants to charge $1.99 for the shows, let them.  If WRAL wants to stream the shows with ads (and download them for a small fee), let them.”

 “WRAL has the right idea.  They are in the television content distribution business.  It’s moving to the web.  They want to continue to be the one to deliver it to their audience.  CBS should let them do just that and get fairly paid for their content in the process.”

Musings of a VC in NYC:  Syndicate your Content Broadly Online

The time is NOW for more local broadcasters to make the move to the Internet. Some industry naysayers may wonder how many people really want to watch programming via an Internet stream.  Let’s show them that the demand for broadcasting via the Internet is there – a whole new market just waiting to be tapped.  If you’d like to be a part of upcoming Apollo projects, just let me know.