Cheese, Football and Cowboys in the Big Apple

November 30, 2007

Getting a seat at a sports bar in NYC last night was next to impossible. Normally on a Thursday night it is tough, but not impossible. You can generally find an empty seat to grab a bite to eat. It is with that thought in mind I walked with Liza on her way to catch the train and then ventured off in search of a TV and a burger.

One problem: Last night Cheeseheads ruled New York. Why? Simple. Blame it on the NFL Network.

As you’ve probably read before, back home, I live in the country. Running water…barely. No cable. Just DirecTV, which is really ironic considering my neighbor founded a cable company. When it comes to football, DirecTV has it. I had no clue, until last night that no one else did.

Earlier in the day I overheard a very bright young lad talking about pirating DirecTV, but really thought nothing of it. It happens… Last night though, in my search for sustenance, I found myself battling Wisconsin-ites for bar stools. Why? Is there a cheese convention in the Big Apple? Has New York become the best place to bag a Buck during deer season? Nope.

What I learned last night is that the NFL Network isn’t available on cable, or at least many cable systems. Crazy. When I finally found a place to sit it was an Irish pub on 39th. It was packed, but it had one seat open. Good. Time for a burger. Only one problem. No game. People on both sides of me were getting upset. No charming Irish accents here. Just upset patrons. They were in the bar to watch “the game”, the beloved Favre verses the sometimes misunderstood Jerry Jones.

Interestingly, the guys behind the bar were saying they didn’t get the NFL Network. Patrons were getting upset. Don’t make cheeseheads mad… Don’t NYC bartenders know that? At this point I recognized the set top box as being the same kind I have at home. I asked the bartender to change the channel to 95. Reluctantly he obliged. GAME ON. The entire bar errupted in a cheer. GAME ON. Just another night in my mission to help people find “What’s on TV…”.