comScore Media Metrix report: TitanTV is used predominately by older women (Well, that’s news to me…)

October 31, 2006

From the You’ve-Got-to-be-Kidding-me-File

At this mornings sales and business development staff meeting I heard a strange report. San Diego Titan reported that a potential advertiser was ready to sign a contract until a report from comScore Media Metrix came in indicating that TitanTV is used predominately by older women. Since this particular advertiser was seeking to reach the coveted 18 – 49 male demographic, with all due respect to our success, they were going to wait until TitanTV’s core demographic – older women – had changed.

Now, TitanTV was born on my kitchen table. At that moment we had no target demographic in mind beyond PC users that watched TV. TitanTV was originally conceived to fill a void in the online television listings business. First, TitanTV would focus on improving the digital television experience by getting the channels right. Second, it would lay the groundwork for synchronous and asynchronous consumption of television content via the Internet. Third, with TitanTV and the right hardware you could make your PC mimic a TiVo. Lastly, TitanTV was created to be right. TitanTV is a place where consumers, regardless of content sources (DTV, cable, satellite, Internet, etc), can get accurate TV listings.

Hmmm, so why the rant?  

Because comScore Media Metrix is clueless.comScore Media Metrix is just plain wrong. And to think that companies pay them for their research. Instead of using what appears to me to be voodoo methodology, hoping to extrapolate from a universe of data from which they have no access, why don’t they just ask us for the data? I think that without working with us, and other successful websites, the run the risk of providing data which is incorrect. That helps no one.   The industry needs third party validation. Otherwise, there are companies out there that will stretch the truth. No question. However, for a company on their own to attempt to profile the user base of a major webite is just foolish. comScore Media Metrix should create a simple methodology wherein the companies they are tracking can provide access to the real data. In fact, comScore, we’re an open book. Come on out. I’ll even have my 63-year-old mother in-law come to the meeting. She’ll quite honestly tell you that she has no idea what TitanTV is or where you can find one…