Four Days to Glory – a good read. I am so proud I could bust.

January 30, 2007

If you are a fan of the football book Friday Night Lights or of sports in general, then you’ll find Four Days to Glory is a must read. It finally hit the bookshelves last Tuesday. Even if you’ve never been to Iowa, never been to a wrestling match, and have never even heard of Dan Gable, you’ll find this book inspiring. You’ll find this book about character, determination and what is truly in the heart of a champion. In the end, you’ll find this book is about vision. And vision, above all else, is often what it takes to succeed.

Back in 2005 I wrote a Blog entry about Tiger Woods, John Daly, Roger Clemens and a very talented wrestler in the state of Iowa named Jay Borschel. In it, I said, “While you may not know the name Jay Borschel yet, you will.” Now, nearly two years later, his life, his pursuit of excellence, and his heart, are chronicled in this book.

Four Days is about Jay Borschel (my daughter’s longtime boyfriend, bud, best friend, etc) and Dan LeClere, two Iowa High School wrestlers in pursuit of becoming four-time state champions, an almost unheard of accomplishment. Like basketball in Michigan and football in Texas, wrestling in Iowa is King. It is the sport that drives communities’ spirit. It is the sport that nearly shuts the state down when the championships start. It is the sport where Dad’s dream their sons will be crowned State Champion.

No, this Blog isn’t about digital television, or the Internet, or some crazy technology out to circumvent the local broadcast community. Rather, it is about a book. If you’ve read this far, then I thank you. It means a lot to me. Buy the book. You won’t be sorry.  P.S. When the movie eventually comes out, it is sure to be a hit on date night. If Brad Pitt could pull off playing a seventeen-year-old, I’ll bet he’d ask for the role of Jay.