From the Book of Jack

January 9, 2006

In the past week I have received over 100 email messages from viewers asking me to take the Book of Daniel off the air. In the spirit of trying to remain connected to users of TitanTV and readers of this blog I responded to as many as I could. As politely as possible I told them that I had nothing to do with what NBC has aired or is planning to air. Well, apparently that wasn’t good enough. The anti Book of Daniel loyalists, a group you would think would preach tolerance, have gone to great lengths to demonstrate intolerance. I’ve found their behavior unconscionable and at times even beyond reproach. Pastors resorting to threats and name calling? Ridiculous. Incredible. Silly.

Most televisions come with a remote. My message is simple. If you don’t like Book of Daniel then don’t watch. Channel up, channel down or hit the off button. Vote with your remote. It is easy to do.

One last thing, though. Book of Daniel was one of the most watched and recorded shows last week. I guess people did vote with their remote after all…