HD Done Right…the 79th Academy Awards. HD Not Done Right (or at all)…E! Network and the TV Guide Channel

February 26, 2007

Congrats to ABC on an outstanding high definition broadcast of the 79th Annual Oscars last night. According to our TitanTV viewer metrics it was the most watched and the most recorded event of the evening…a perfecta of sorts. No surprises there. All told it was nearly 4 hours in length. Clearly, if not crystal clearly, both ABC and the Academy came together for a spectacular display of the capabilities of ATSC (digital television).

Still, while ABC was all HD, pre- and post-shows were plane old 4×3 analog broadcasts. Several hours prior to ABC going live our house toggled between E! and of course, Melissa and Joan on the TV Guide Channel. Great content, not so great a picture. You have to wonder, why wouldn’t a company with the resources of TV Guide go HD? Is it Joan and Melissa? I doubt it. How about E!? Not sure…

Michael Jordan passed yet another milestone that past February 17th as he turned 44. His 46th birthday is the day all local broadcasters cease to operate in analog and go all digital. His Airness, surely an early adopter of digital television, will no longer be subjected to free over-the-air television which is anything butdigital. What a birthday present. The question now (and then) is, how do we get all the other channels to go HD, all HD?

In the weeks since he went flat (as in panel) my friend Gary has found himself in the same dilemma several million of the rest of us are in. Does he watch a lesser show in Analog or does he watch whatever is on DiscoveryHD, National Geographic HD, HD Net, or any of the handful of other all HD channels? Remember Gary? My friend who got tossed from Best Buy? He’s finally discovered what every HD-convert discovers…that something in HD is better than anything in analog