I declare myself a pig farmer

December 16, 2010

Earlier this week ivi TV declared itself the fastest growing cable company in America. Really?  That’s kind of like me declaring myself the fastest growing pig farmer in America simply because I’d never bought pigs before and this morning I bought 1,000 head.

My pig farm business would be to sell more pork for less, perhaps even let people pick what kind of pork they wanted, a la carte. I’d be hailed a hero. Everyone except my neighbors would love me.

Just because what ivi TV is doing is interesting, doesn’t make it a cable company. They are a Slingbox, a really big Slingbox that the entire world can tap into. So, even as I sit here looking over my pigs, I can watch Chicago television (even though I don’t live in that market) thanks to ivi TV. Then I can watch TV from another city and another city, merrily consuming content I’m not entitled to.

Hmmm. What smells?