If the question is to: Lead, follow or get out of the way? My answer is simple: Lead.

September 17, 2007

Every now and then you have one of those days where everything catches up with you. Sometimes those are bad days. Sometimes those are good days. Today is one of those days where I find myself looking up, shaking my head and silently asking myself, “How did I get to here?”

In the very beginning we were what you might call a fledglingcompany for about three years. And then, almost in an instant, we weren’t fledgling anymore. I remember it like it was yesterday. Hawk Titan and I were in New York, business on track, first major contract signed and ready to take on the city…New York City. That was eight years ago.

Today, with offices in New York and Cedar Rapids, I am having one of those days. Everything, and I mean everything, has caught up with me. I am, as they say, so proud I could bust. I am afraid my prose will not do justice to the gratitude I feel for our team.

Downstairs from me is one of the most talented groups of developers on the planet. They are led by Mick Rinehart. Some of us have been working together since 1992. Others came together in 1996 and a few have even joined us recently. ALL are tremendous developers. Today this team launched the TitanCast 1.5 player. While it is deployed at TitanTV.com for the moment, it will very soon be deployed by hundreds of local broadcasters, perhaps even a few newspapers. Check it out at www.titantv.com.

Not too far from here by plane is a team that a few short months ago didn’t exist. Our Titan content team, headed by Mark Effron, is clicking on all cylinders. Now imagine this: when I interviewed Mark in the spring his footsteps echoed as he walked in the front door on the 30th floor at 1450 Broadway. They echoed because the only furniture we had was a card table which Barber Shop Titan had shipped to me the day before. Hold that thought…

At Titan we’re not going to reinvent the content wheel. We are going to create compelling content, companion content, and interesting content that will reside right alongside all the other great content which is already out there – Web 2.0 or syndicated programming.

Today we launched our Fresh Greens pilot, starring Liza de Guia. It is nothing short of GREAT. Knowing our pilot was coming out I couldn’t help but chuckle when former vice president Al Gore took the stage at last nights Emmy Awards. He’s only one, maybe two years ahead of us on the podium. Mark my words. Check out Fresh Greens and see what all of us here at Titan are doing to bring awareness to the environment.

RevYOU is a great new Titan creation. It’s smart. It’s funny. It tells you all you need to know about the latest movie releases in a couple of minutes. Watch for RevYOU mobile on your phone soon. My goal is to make sure you see the right movies. And of course, the Social Experiment and other great vignettes are available at TitanTV.com right now. Check it all out at www.titantv.com.

About that thought you’re holding…empty office space and a card table. Think about it as you experience the new and improved TitanTV.com. It used to be we thought of software companies as moving lightning quick to seize the day. Media companies are thought to be old and slow. Well, I guess as we’ve morphed into a media technology company, true to form for us, we’ve rattled that paradigm. I am proud of my entire team…so proud I could bust.