In the end, it is only the beginning… Welcome to TitanTV Media

January 17, 2007

That’s right. It’s the beginning of a new era for Decisionmark and TitanTV. We’re now TitanTV Media. Through the portal, consumers will very soon be able to see content from anywhere and watch that content on any broadband device at any time. It’s like TiVo without TiVo and Slingbox without Slingbox. Have a high-speed device? Great. That’s all you need. Entertainment at your fingertips. Broadcasters, you can expect to reach all viewers on all devices and all of the time. TitanTV Media’s content syndication platform will revolutionize how content owners, advertisers and broadcasters reach viewers.

The good news for viewers? Most of that content will be free. Check out our press release from this morning….



Company to be renamed TitanTV Media

 Launching broadband content syndication platform

Soft launch scheduled for NAB Futures Summit

New York, NY—January 17, 2007—Decisionmark Corp. announced today that a private equity led syndicate has purchased a controlling interest in the company from Gazette Communications. Syndicate members include Turnstone Capital, CBC New Media (Capitol Broadcasting) and a multi-billion dollar institutional investor. At the same time, the company is launching a new name, TitanTV Media. TitanTV Media is establishing their headquarters in New Yorkearly next month. 

The broadband and broadcast industries have been on a collision course for a little over a year now. “My phone started ring the morning after Desperate Housewives appeared on iTunes and his hasn’t quit ringing since,” commented Jack Perry, founder and CEO of TitanTV Media. “While the Internet is global, broadcasting, advertising, syndication and viewing is local. Everything which has happened since the iTunes announcement has really only proven one thing – that the Internet is a perfectly reasonable way to distribute content.” added Perry. “Other than that, not one approach has been particularly successful. The missing ingredient is the local broadcaster. The local broadcaster has the ability to promote. The local broadcaster is the source for news, weather and sports, and is the key to driving local advertising dollars.”

TitanTV Media plans soft launch unveiling at the NAB Futures Summit in March for their Content Syndication Platform and a full launch at the NAB2007 show in April. Several pilots are planned for 2007 with such notable affiliate groups as Capitol Broadcasting, Morgan-Murphy and Sunbelt Communications. Several other content and advertising deals are in the works. Based on the longstanding notion of territorial exclusivity, the “TitanCast” Content Syndication Platform connects content owners, national and local advertisers, and local broadcasters to viewers in real-time.

TitanTV Media’s TitanCast Content Syndication Platform, creates a new, more powerful, interactive, and measurable way for content owners and advertisers to reach viewers. The web site will handle the bulk of syndicated content delivery, and will also offer place-shifting and time-shifting – two features that are fueling consumer demand for television programming.

“When we learned about Decisionmark and the challenges local broadcasters were having leveraging the Internet and mobile devices, we realized the company had all the pieces to create a content syndication network that can be embraced by broadcasters, advertisers and consumers. With Jack Perry’s vision, the company’s market share, and a core team in place, we believe our group can help Decisionmark exploit this opportunity,” said Marc J. La Magna, a Managing Partner at Turnstone Capital. “We also believe the company’s almost ten years of experience providing solutions to both the satellite and broadcast industries presents a credible position to the market.”