It is time to go 100% HD… viewers are ready

January 18, 2006

People want their programming, all programming, in HD. In a much earlier blog, I wrote about a guy who emailed me to say, “Something in HD is better than anything in analog.” His point was that since he and wife had purchased their first HD set, they had started to watch all HD, even if it meant not watching better shows if they were still only available in analog. You know what? I tend to agree with him. I’ve even found myself tuning into a soccer game on HD Net simply because it was in HD. As an old hockey player, I never imagined sitting down and watching a soccer game. That said, HD makes soccer on TV great…almost compelling.

Time for the networks to commit to their viewers. Between the local station websites and the mothership,, over a million people rely on TitanTV for HD listings. Most people have come to us because we’re the only guys who actually know what is going on in the digital world. Twice in the past two weeks I had to question our own accuracy when it came to HD. Both times I was wrong and TitanTV was right. Last week it was the People’s Choice Awards. This week it was the Golden Globe Awards. In both instances, I naturally assumed that they would be broadcast in HD. Both times I was wrong. I know it costs more and all that but come on. We expect people to invest a couple of grand to go HD and then the events which bring all members of the family together still aren’t HD? Time to go digital…all digital.

People are stepping up to the plate and buying HD televisions. Not a week goes by where I don’t spend time at Best Buy. People are buying HD sets en masse. While they aren’t flying off the shelves, they are being purchased at a noticeably higher rate than even six months ago. I still do my best to intervene when a “Blue Shirt” gives a consumer totally inaccurate information but I find that, even with misinformation, people are buying. I wonder what impact the Super Bowl might have? I wonder what a 20 year rematch between the Patriots and Da Bears might have done? Picture the Refrigerator Perry in HD or Ditka on a rant. Oh well, next year…

Time to go all HD.

Viewers are ready. Viewers expect HD.

P.S. No, Matt Lauer, this blog entry isn’t because of Drew Barrymore’s dress…