Look Forward, Set Goals. Look Backward, Measure Results. Report, React, Repeat Process – Me, Many Times (1989 – today)

February 17, 2020

How are we doing? Seems like such a simple question, but all too often companies, big and small, struggle with answering it. Crazy, right? When you start a company, make sure measuring results is a part of your DNA from day one.

Look forward, set goals for what you want to accomplish

To succeed you’ve got to have a plan. To have a plan, you’ve got to set goals. Goals need to be realistic and something you can achieve. Keep goals simple. When I started Syncbak, my first goal was to get our first station online within one year, then add more stations after that. Today we have hundreds and we’re just getting started.

Look backward, measure results for how you did

Results determine success or failure. If you set goals and capture the data, you’ll be in a good position to measure results. Stay focused on setting goals and capturing data. Think about measuring goals daily, weekly, monthly and annually. Make sure everyone in the company understands the importance of measuring. Lead by example.

Report, react and repeat process

Communicate early and often. At the very least, get together every Monday morning and see where things stand. Now what? React. Do more of what works. Do less of what doesn’t work.

Measure everything. Add in annual benchmarks for success. At least once per year come together as a team (include the entire company). Look back to see what and how you did (measure). Look forward and establish where you are going (goals).

Measure everything, including the kitchen sink

Your vision and purpose deserve that. Measuring will help you help the people you hire. You’re already a little mad to begin with, so listen to what the metrics are telling you and always, always, be cautious when interpreting the results.