Mayweather v. De La Hoya – Even though he lost, Oscar won.

May 6, 2007

It was billed as the fight that would save boxing, a product of HBO pay per view and Golden Boy Productions. In the end, I am not sure if it did that. Enjoyable? You bet, immensely. My seventeen-year-old daughter and I watched every moment of every round including the two undercards. Not the greatest father-daughter type outing, but when they are 17, you take the moments you can get…

Even though I had long ago graduated from High School with a Mayweather (OHHS/1981/Grand Rapids, MI), I was rooting for Oscar De La Hoya. Even though I know all too well the notoriety of Roger and Floyd Sr., both inside Grand Rapids and around-the-world, I was rooting for Oscar. Unless you’re the rapper Fifty-Cent, how could you not? Oscar De La Hoya is a class act.

Almost since the moment Buster Douglass dropped Iron Mike Tyson to the canvas, the sport of boxing has had a void. Sure, George Forman made it interesting by coming out of retirement to connect decades with championships, but something has been missing. De La Hoya almost on his own is trying to bring it back. I admire that.

In the weeks leading up to the fight, HBO subscribers were given unprecedented access to both camps on a show called 24/7. Perhaps because it followed Entourage we started to watch the show. It was interesting. It was well done. By the time it came time to watch the fight, I was all too ready to foot the PPV bill. No question. How could I not watch the night of the fight after weeks of getting into both fighters camps? While I don’t know for sure, I suspect we have the Golden Boy to thank for 24/7. It was a Golden Boy production.  In addition to being a gentleman inside the ring, De La Hoya is a pretty smart businessman. While boxing may not have been saved last night, it certainly wasn’t hurt. It is on the right track and it took the heart of a champion to put it there. Oscar, I for one would like to see you fight again.