April 30, 2021

Today, I Went in Search of Normalcy

First thing this morning, I put on a suit. Normalcy. I refuse to cave into the notion we are in the new normal. Screw that. I want the old normal. We deserve the old normal.

I have changed over the years. A t-shirt and jeans are great, but why start a meeting with the other side thinking about my attire? Also, now in my fifties, it is harder to pull off the very look I helped create with my tech brethren in the eighties.

Hearing the Governor had proclaimed no mask required outside, I put mine in my pocket. Normalcy.

I rode the elevator down 50 floors and, mask now back on, I bought coffee, dark roast, from the bodega across the street. Normalcy.

Without even ordering, a plain bagel, toasted with cream cheese was handed to me along with a “Morning, boss,” greeting from Hector. Hector has made me hundreds of bagels, maybe thousands over the years. Normalcy.

Sans the mask, again, I headed out onto Avenue of the Americas, determined to have a normal day. Screw COVID-19. It is time to return to normal. Normalcy.

At lunch I headed back to the bodega and grabbed a salad, custom made, scoop and a half of ranch dressing (do not tell my cardiologist). For grins, and because I cannot seem to avoid them, I grabbed an oatmeal cookie. I always promise myself, I will not touch the cookie until after dinner, but know all too well, it will be gone by 2:00 P.M. It was. Normalcy.

We had a board meeting over ZOOM. Not normal. In advance of the meeting, I talked with a few board members and we all pledged to convene in NYC next quarter. Today, not so normal. Next quarter? Normal. Normalcy.  

Tonight, I am on the roof at our place in NY, writing. Normalcy, though I would much rather be home in Iowa, #ohmywoodness is calling. Normalcy.

I would like to see my pal Somerville on stage tonight making New York laugh, but I cannot. Audience sizes are limited, so laughing will have to wait. Not normal. Still, New York is opening back up at the latest July 1. Normalcy, just a little delayed.

I have not blogged in months. Not normal. I guess I am now, though this one is a restart of sorts, not too much substance (I know). Still, for me, with writing comes normalcy. Normalcy. I really think normalcy is what we all need.

Normalcy. Want it? You, and only you, must create it. Go out and get it. Normalcy.