Program Scheduling should NOT be difficult or expensive

October 19, 2005

Digital broadcasting makes program scheduling more complex

Where we had one channel we now have multiple channels. Where we relied on TV Guide and newspapers to get our lineups out we now have to comply with the PSIP mandate. Simulcasting, multicasting and datacasting are already a reality at many stations. Scheduling, program scheduling, can no longer be left to spreadsheets or products which are too expensive, hard to use, and offer little or no support. If there were ever a time to make a fundamental shift in the way we do program scheduling this is it. The time is now.

It is about marketshare first, share of customer second

Back in 1996 we had 68 customers. 46 of them returned our product. Each day we hoped and prayed that the UPS person would take more boxes from us than he would deliver to us. Our marketing and communications manager at the time and I had rather large philosophical disagreement. He’d say share of customer and I’d say marketshare. I didn’t need my HP12C to calculate the fact that our remaining 22 customers could not sustain us…

So with a shared vision, much determination, a supportive board, and a solid and new strategic business plan we set out to own a market. Broadcasting. By the end of 1999 every ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC station had become our customer, as did every major network and satellite company. We got there by building products that not just a few needed, but products that everyone needed. Marketshare, marketshare, marketshare… Who would have thought that that marketshare would not only lead to more great products for our broadcasters, but that it would be the genesis of TitanTV, America’s number one online EPG/PVR.

With marketshare attained, it became easy to see what other products stations desperately needed.

Over time we learned that there were two types of stations. First, were the stations that used a spreadsheet of some sort to manage their lineups. Second, and much less common, were the stations that were using a rather archaic and expensive Windows-based solution. Ironically, neither group was pleased with their solution. We decided to build MediaStar pretty much because you asked us to. In doing so we adopted the mantra that from price to performance MediaStar would be in a league of its own. I think we fulfilled that goal.

MediaStar, built for digital broadcasters

Whether you buy MediaStar or not here are a few things you have to have in your program listings tool/manager:

  • ability to manage multiple program schedules
  • digital sub-channel support
  • last minute changes
  • automatic PSIP generation
  • PMCP compliant
  • extensive and flexible reporting capabilities
  • automated schedule updates to key partners (newspapers, etc)
  • web-based so you can access it from anywhere in the world on any machine
  • real-time updates
  • outstanding technical support available 24/7

Your station needs MediaStar, take a FREE TEST DRIVE today When you have over a thousand stations telling what they need you have a pretty good baseline from which to build a product. You also have enough critical mass to keep the price low. Make no mistake. We priced MediaStar to win. Call your broadcast consultant today to set up a free TEST DRIVE of MediaStar.