Remember when dotcoms were thought to be more valuable than bricks and mortar?

November 28, 2007

Remember when people used to use the term “bricks and mortar” when referring to non-Internet businesses? You remember; back when the dotcom “plays” were going to bury the established businesses? If you were smart enough to register a url like you were an instant millionaire (even I cyber squatted: and the priceless to name a few). Crazy times…

I couldn’t help but think of the mid-90s tonight on my way home from work. When I turned the corner east at Broadway and 40th, I happened upon a Stubhub. Right. in all its glory in the most expensive real estate in the world — Times Square.

It seems the Internet and bricks and mortar have merged. It used to be the other way around. Bricks and mortar migrated to the web, not the web migrated to bricks and mortar. Apparently not everything can be digitized. To get tickets to the big game after it is sold out, even Keanu needs an outlet.

I sometimes find it amazing the places where the Internet has made its mark. Today, it found its way into Times Square. Tomorrow, who knows? Besides, whatareyoulookingat?