Sons & Daughters — set your DVR

March 8, 2006

I may not always know great TV, but I know a dysfunctional family when I see one and Sons & Daughters is a doozy. Check it out, Tuesday nights in the 9:00/8:00 time slot from your local ABC affiliate. That’s the beauty of television —  “great” is in the eye of the beholder and we all get to vote with our remotes. 

Sure, I thought it was great that Jenna Elfman was coming back to television in Courting Alex (verdict is still out on that one). Yes, I’m the guy who sat through episode after episode of Average Joeactually rooting for the Average Joe until I was able to see clearly enough to realize that the bachelorette was actually no bargain. Then I started to root for Biff, or Ty or Brick or whatever his name was… Still, I watched. I’m also the guy who religiously watched Book of Daniel just to spite the Zealots who relentlessly emailed me to say “Take it off the air…”

So here we are on a Tuesday night in March with two presumably great shows premiering opposite each other. I set my TitanTV to record The Unit on CBS and tuned into Sons & Daughters off-air from my local ABC affiliate, KCRG. ABC has pushed the envelope with this one with edgy, brilliantly written dialog, interesting characters and best of all, HD from episode one. If you come from a perfectly normal family, don’t bother. If your mother-in-law more resembles Harriet Nelson over Sharon Osbourne, don’t bother. If your brother in-law isn’t insecure, fiercely competitive, and secretly pining for your wife, don’t bother.  If, on the other hand, your family is laden with a cast of characters worthy of having their own sitcom, watch Sons & Daughters. You’ll be glad you did…