Station Contract Management – out with old and in with the new.

September 1, 2006

Let me make one thing perfectly clear from the outset. Decisionmark is here to help. We built MediaStar – Contract Management Edition (CME) because never in my nearly twenty years of developing technology have I heard a louder cry for help. Never. These cries came from two distinct camps.

Camp 1, stations without a contract management solution, asked us to build a product which isn’t cost prohibitive, which takes advantage of the inherent connectivity of the Internet and which came from a company they could trust to exceed their expectations. By and large these stations are just ready to start managing their contracts in a straightforward way.  

Camp 2, on the other hand (about 300 stations in total which currently have a solution), is universally fixated not on price, but on getting a product they can count on, a product that works, a product that is easy-to-use. Price is important of course, but it seemed like if we could make Contract Management easier for the station, then we could charge whatever we wanted. We won’t. Our pricing, as it is with all of our products, will be based on the assumption that we’ll be the market leader. We always set our sites on 100% market share.

Our track record for becoming the market leader is pretty good. Nearly 1,100 stations use TitanTV on their website. Over 1,000 stations use MediaStar for program scheduling and PSIP file generation. 100% of ABC, CBS, FOX, PBS and NBC affiliates use our SHVERA applications.

I’m putting that market share muscle to work.

MediaStar – CME is now ready for primetime. Over the past couple of years we’ve listened to hundreds of stations about their needs in contract management. We’ve talked to every major broadcast group. We put the research and development dollars into creating a great product that you can count on.

I am proud to introduce MediaStar – Contract Management Edition to the entire broadcast industry.

Standing by for your next request,