Founded by CEO Jack Perry in 2009, Syncbak powers the industry’s most successful OTT solutions, including live streaming for Paramount Plus, Hulu, fuboTV, the NFL and more. Syncbak’s end-to-end platform, SimpleSync, enables television broadcasters and content owners to launch, manage, distribute and monetize their content by delivering their streams to multiple live and on-demand streaming destinations across OTT platforms nationwide. Syncbak’s own direct-to-consumer OTT app, VUit, leverages SimpleSync, and its proprietary DAI technology, AdSync, to deliver free, hyper-local and originally produced content to viewers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Syncbak’s technology currently reaches 99 percent of the US population across 209 markets, representing 67 Station Groups and all major networks, including CBS, ABC, FOX, NBC and The CW.