Take a moment to inventory what you are thankful for. I did.

November 22, 2006

This morning I had a 3:00 AM wake up call. That’s early. As the town car took the most circuitous route through the streets of New York en route to the airport, I was silently cussing the guy who decided we’d catch the very first flight this morning to beat the holiday rush home. When my in-room coffee (think truck stop blend) began to take hold I remembered that leaving so early was my bright idea. What was I thinking?

As I came out of my early morning fog we found Laguardia Airport with the longest lines since 9/11.  It was utter, but controlled, chaos. Announcements blasted about 3-1-1 and the amount liquids a person could actually take on the plane. The trash cans were overflowing with liquids. About every fifth person apparently felt that the 3-1-1 rule didn’t apply to them. These people slowed the security process down. Perhaps their relatives don’t have toiletries to share.

The lines were filled with many of the same business people I see all the time. The rest were people on their way home to share Thanksgiving with family. Right as I was the next person to go through X-Ray a flight crew walked up and I went from 1st in line to 6th. The final member of the crew, a flight attendant, asked me if I was thankful to be going home. “Sure,” I replied “Of course”. As she walked away I got to thinking I have a ton to be thankful for. I’ll bet we all do. Take a few minutes to think about it.  

As I started thinking about it, I decided to use my Blackberry to jot down some notes.

I am thankful…

…for our three beautiful children. Each is amazing. Each is different. All three are special in their own way.

…that I have a beautiful wife, whom I adore, and that on occasion, she adores me.

…that the average tenure at our company is 9+ years. What an outstanding, loyal team.

…that ABC and Apple decided to put Desperate Housewives and LOST on iTunes.

…that at age 43 I can still find a group of guys willing to play hockey with me.

…for the 750,000 people who think TitanTV.com is pretty cool. Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.

…for Gibson, our dog named after Kirk Gibson, who at 11 still runs with my wife.

…that every television station in the U.S. is our customer.

…for John taking the time to understand my vision, believe in it, and then helping to make it better.

…that over the years I must have grown on my father-in-law. Now if I could just slow down my golf swing…

…that there are broadcasters out there willing to push the envelope and help shape the future of entertainment.

…when all five of us are home at the same time. Time together, while not often enough, is the very best.

…for our team: Margi, Kathy, Toufic, MJ, CJ, Herb, Mick, Ken, Ken, Bill, Bob, Michael, Dan, Mike, Mike, Dave, Dave, Jason, Tom, Pat, Jim, Josh, Kellie, and Larry.

…that Jay helps with the leaves and splitting wood. And that he makes my daughter happy…

…that the PC, TV and Internet are on a collision course of unprecedented proportions.

…that Michigan kept the score within 3 points. See you January 8th.

Happy Thanksgiving from me.