The Wall Street Journal…Part 2…TitanCast verses Slingbox

March 16, 2006

First, about the Slingbox. The idea of taking whatever is on your television at home and “place-shifting” it to wherever you are in the world. My first exposure to the Slingbox came last year when, during a presentation to several television station group executives, it was pointed out to the Slingbox guys that you can’t just take a television signal from one market and put it into another. Oops. There are laws against that. Just ask the satellite companies which today strictly adhere to laws with respect to illegal importation of network signals.

My second exposure to the Slingbox came in Amsterdam last fall. I was in a Satellite Sports bar watching the Michigan – Notre Dame football game with several other wayward Americans. I struck up a conversation with a guy who was originally from Atlanta who had moved permanently to Amsterdam several years earlier. He told me that after game he was going home and watch the Atlanta Braves baseball game. When I asked him how, he said, “I bought a Slingbox and sent it to my buddy.” When I inquired if his buddy got upset when he changed the channel from thousands of miles away, he said, “Oh, no that couldn’t happen. My buddy had an extra cable jack in his spare bedroom so he plugged it in there. I watch whatever I want and it doesn’t effect him”. Hmmm… That night I had visions of Slingbox farms popping up all over America with ordinary consumers renting out their extra cable jacks.

Second, about the TitanCast technology. Our plan is simple. In fact, viewers won’t need to buy more devices. Most of us already have multiple high speed devices, right? Broadcasters won’t have to worry about coming up with new content. Stations are already broadcasting the content we love, right? Some of us love LOST. Others love American Idol while others choose CSI or My Name is Earl. We love TV. We love TV as it exists today. The TitanCast technology simply means you can get the same great content that you enjoy today on cable or satellite, or with an antenna, over-the-web. The TitanCast means that if you missed CSI, you won’t need a DVR to watch. You already have a PC. Downloading is easy. If you’ve migrated to mostly broadband consumption, then why not be able to point, click and watch FREE over-the-air television FREE over-the-web? With TitanCast you’ll be able to do just that. If you’re traveling, why buy extra hardware to watch TV from back home? With TitanCast we have all the trappings to enable you to watch your favorite channels from back home from the TV stations themselves. Television has changed. Technology has indeed made it easy to choose what content, which device and where we watch television. What hasn’t changed and what doesn’t need to change is who we get that content from…