Time to scrap the BCS

November 26, 2006

The latest BCS standings are out: Ohio State, USC, Michigan, Florida, LSU, Louisville, Wisconsin and Boise State. With the exception of LSU, all have one loss or less. Now is the time to scrap the BCS. Sure, USC leaping over Michigan has me reeling. You probably would be, too.

Consider the following tidbits:

Early in the season Michigan went into South Bend and trounced the Fighting Irish by 26 points. USC on the other hand beat the Irish last night by 20 at home. What does it mean? I don’t know. Nothing? Something?

Michigan lost their only game to number one Ohio State last week in Columbus by 3 points. USC lost to unranked Oregon State on the road. Oregon State was 8 and 4 overall. What does it mean? I don’t know. Nothing? Something?

If the pollsters ranked USC number 2 as they did in the AP and USA Today Coaches poll then fine. I am OK with that. But when a computer gets involved and can’t discern important information like the aforementioned tidbits then we have a problem. Wasn’t the entire idea of the BCS to make wrongs right?

It is time for a true national championship that is decided on the field. Why not? Look at Boise State. Most likely they’d be outclassed in any BCS game, especially the championship. Still, underdogs can win games. Who knows? Perhaps Boise State could string two victories together and play their way into the real championship game. They might even win it.

And how must Wisconsin feel? Because both Ohio State and Michigan are locks for the BCS, at 11-1 they aren’t even allowed into a BCS game. That is just wrong. It is time to decide it on the field. It is time for a playoff system.