Titan Greens…my personal commitment to the environment

August 5, 2007

Vacations are predictable. Maui 2007 was no exception. It doesn’t matter where you go or for how long you go, you see the same things, the same types of people.

First, are the “family fighters”. Tonight I heard a woman tell her daughter that you get one pop (soda to east coasters) per day and “you had yours on the airplane.” Give me a break. Families like this are in a constant state of fighting… Your only defense is to pick up your stuff and move to another part of the pool.

Second, are the “staring guys”. They typically have a belly like John Goodman (a la Rosanne) and brand spanking new sunglasses. They fix their sites on someone and then just stare…

Lastly, are the recently “tattooed brigade”. They either just got their tattoo down on Front Street or have a Henna tattoo they are hoping you won’t figure out is fake. 

Maui 2007 for me was more than the fighters. I saw my share. It was more than the staring guys. I had a great time seeing lots of new tattoos. Maui 2007 for me was pretty much the same old thing…pool, beach, snorkeling, surfing and Mai Tai’s and good times. Maui 2007 for me was more than my daughters excitedly suggesting I get an “Old Guys Rule” t-shirt, though that was the low point.

Maui 2007 for me came down to one guy making one simple statement. This afternoon while on an Ocean Rafting tour, our Captain, a guy named Tim, said something I won’t soon forget.

Diving out somewhere between Lanai and Maui at 250’ depth Tim had all of our attention, especially those of us who had been watching “Shark Week” this week on Discovery. As you’d expect Tim is a blond haired and blue eyed guy who owns a couple of pair of surfer shorts and that is about it. After hurriedly coming in from the scary ocean depths, one of my kids had a Coke. After they finished it they went to toss the can in the garbage can. Upon doing so Captain Tim grabs the can and tosses it into a bag of other cans he has under the deck. When he does so, he says, “Just trying to do my part to make a difference…”

At first I am thinking back to the days in the early eighties when I rummaged cans just to buy groceries, but then I realized what he was doing. No, this wasn’t like me way back when trying to raise money to eat, this is a guy who really cares about the environment. This is a guy, who, if for no other reason, we should respect because he cares about the environment. This guy, Tim, is what caring for the environment is all about.

For the rest of the ride back I couldn’t help but think about my first conversation with our now SVP of TitanTV, Mark Effron. Mark wants to create a channel, Titan Greens, which focuses on the environment. Smart. He wants to focus on people like Captain Tim who, one at a time, make a difference when it comes to the environment.

I have to admit that when Mark pitched the idea to me I thought it was a good idea simply because I had my CEO-hat on. Green is hot. Then came Captain Tim into my life. On the deck in Lahaina were twenty such Captain Tim’s. Across the rest of the world there must be tens of thousands of Captain Tim’s. Do they all care about the environment? I doubt it. Would they if they were to see a story about our Captain Tim? I think so.

Today I made a mental shift. Yes, I am ready to get back to building TitanTV (though one would wonder if I ever stopped). Yes, it is time to fly back to Iowa and on to New York City. But (and a big but), as I return this year I return with a major commitment to Titan Greens. I don’t Captain a boat so I can’t collect cans. I am however, at the helm of a ship that can make a difference.

Stay tuned for Titan Greens…