TitanTV and Jury Duty. A new era in broadband syndication.

September 12, 2007

In a keynote speech several years ago, I introduced the notion that TiVo would eventually suffer the same fate as the 8-Track tape player. Several people in the audience laughed. Now, don’t get me wrong, TiVo was and is a very cool product. I have two. My point back then was that the Internet would eventually make literally every piece of content from the beginning of time available On-Demand and on any high speed device.

The other major technology shift which will occur is datacasting. When that happens, you’ll use the Internet to tell your local broadcaster what content you want to see and in return they’ll use the digital spectrum to broadcast it to you…most likely with timely and personally relevant ads for you. Think of it as personal TV. More on that next year… We’ve got our hands full with broadband broadcasting at the moment.

Today, I am extremely proud to announce a ground-breaking relationship with Radar Entertainment, the creators of a brand new show called Jury Duty. From here on out, if miss an episode of Jury Duty, you’ll be able to see it online at TitanTV.com. In fact, by the end of the season you’ll be able to see all 130 episodes online. Cool, huh? You bet.

Now I’ve seen enough of Jury Duty to know it will eventually take its seat along side The People’s Court in the history of television. The notion of using Bruce Cutler as the judge along with three actors as the jury is nothing short of brilliant. The show will stand on its own. Our plan at TitanTV is to work with each local broadcaster to make Jury Duty stand out even more.

By TitanCast enabling Jury Duty for broadband distribution, we are essentially ensuring that whichever broadcaster carries the show locally is the exact broadcaster you are going to get it from on the web. How do we do that? Simple. We use air-to-web broadcast replication to ensure that when you watch Jury Duty online, you see it from the exact broadcaster that carried it for you over-the-air. Nothing more. Nothing less. Simply guessing doesn’t work when it comes to content syndication.

Why is it important to see Jury Duty on the web from the station that broadcast it over-the-air? Good question. Because local matters. For television to remain free, it needs to be supported by advertising. With the advent of broadband broadcasting, the consumer (you) are really helping to shape the advertising formats. If you are going to “pay” to see an episode by watching 5-, 10-, or 15-second ads then why not watch ONLY relevant ones? Local advertisers need an on-ramp to the Internet. Our TitanCast technology is that on-ramp. Working with local broadcasters, our plan is to give you TiVo-like experience without the TiVo, while keeping television at a price you like – FREE. Join me Monday by watching Jury Duty on your local station. If you happen to miss it, join me on TitanTV.com to see the episode you missed.