Why Dan Lynch is the Holy Grail of the Internet

June 13, 2007

A couple of definitions:

Holy Grail = Money, lots of it. People on the Internet are in search of it.

Dan Lynch = Car Dealer, local celebrity. Likes to advertise on his favorite local television station.

Digital Hollywood this year had panel after panel after panel after panel about essentially one thing, advertising. While the topics ranged from cost effective hosting and streaming to content creation to backend tools and etc, many of the panels touched, danced and floundered around the elusive Holy Grail – money. Where does money come from? Advertising. Where did most of the panels say to find it? Not sure. Perhaps we need to summon Indiana Jones.

People spend more and more time online which is a good thing. Entertainment has crossed the chasm to the Internet. Choice is in the hands of the viewer. It’s all good. Today we can get just about anything from anywhere and on any device. In fact, I’ll bet your Internet-enabled devices outnumber your televisions. When did that happen? I think the phrase is, uh, well, overnight.

So that brings me to Dan Lynch. In Mount Vernon, Iowa and parts thereabouts, Dan Lynch is a celebrity. How did he rise to celebrity status? He bought it. Dan owns the local Ford dealership which carries his name, Dan Lynch Ford. Dan Lynch is the Holy Grail. The guy who figures out how to transition Dan Lynch from television to the Internet is the guy who will have a garage fully of Shelby Mustangs.

The question that needs to be answered, who is Dan Lynch going to turn to in this brave new world? The major networks have in as much said to their local affiliates, “Sorry local affiliate, but if your viewer didn’t watch the show when it aired, too bad. They are my viewer now.” So how does that help Dan Lynch? Is Dan supposed to ring up the powers that be at ABC.com and say, “Hey, I’ve got my ad here….” Not going to happen. The medium of television, one-to-many, does work in the sense that Dan can reach the masses and be assured that the masses he is reaching are people who might actually come into his showroom. Now I’ve never actually met Dan Lynch, but I have talked about him in numerous speeches and presentations. In fact, I’ve probably talked about him so much that people on their way to see the Field of Dreams actually stop at Dan Lynch Ford and buy a car. OK, maybe I’m stretching a little… For Dan to meet his potential buyers on the web, he needs to know if it makes geographic sense to put his ad in front of them. He also needs to know where to turn to buy ad inventory. Just where is that? Not sure. Stay tuned…